Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Say Good-Pie

This beautiful image doesn't do it for Megan.

This seems like the stupidest appliance ever: it makes mini pies. Or rather, it bakes them. You still have to make the pie first.
And Megan knows from stupid appliances, let me tell you! And let me tell you with several paragraphs wrought in a self centered and condescending style, cuz it's write like McArdle day.

I'm reminded that the holidays are nearly upon us, which leaves me wondering if I should prepare for another holiday gift guide takedown. The last one was one of my better received pennings, which leaves me both eager to follow up but hesitant to ruin it. What say you all?
I don't really make pie often enough to have a whole appliance just dedicated to pie.
From the fucken horse's mouth, folks.


Oh boy!
The gift list is on its way, and will be massive this year, since we have a lot of new gadgets to talk about. Meanwhile, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and my thoughts have turned to baking.

What are you making this year? Recipes welcome, particularly if they are for British fruitcake, which is not horrible like American fruitcake. Also naturally welcome: recipes for Hannukah or other non-Christmas holidays. While I am denominational, the blog is not.
I guess I'll have my work cut out for me...


Spy Hill said...

"Or rather, it bakes them."

What a pretentious douche!

Yuppers said...

Oh. I am so looking forward to McArdle's 2010 gift guide. The annual highlight of her half-baked mental noodlings. How can you ignore it?

Anonymous said...

I loved this line: "I am not clear on the benefit of buying an appliance that heats up to just the perfect temperature to cook the pies, because I already have such an appliance: a GE Profile Gas Oven. "

In other words: "If I say nice things about GE, maybe they'll front me some freebies or give me some airtime at CNBC."

atat said...

How in the world did she manage to write a sentence about British fruitcake without using the word "rather"? Or "flavour"?

Dhalgren said...

As a seasonal Crate & Barrel employee, I can tell you these things would have flown off the stockroom shelves during the pre-Thanksgiving rush. Even at our SOHO store. Damn.

Susan of Texas said...

It's kind of a toy, but toys are fun and I can see kids or people who don't cook often playing with it. The point isn't the perfect temperature at all, that's just McArdle trying to sound like a foodie.

Ah, the eminently mockable gift guide; McArdle Christmas gift to us all.

Substance McGravitas said...

I guess I'll have my work cut out for me...

I recommend JanusNode.

Anonymous said...

WTF is British fruitcake? Aside from a chance for Megan to show off her anglophilic snobbery?

There are different fruit cake recipes. Some of them are (apparently) pretty bad. Or at least the purported badness is enough of a trope that lazy comedians often make jokes about fruitcake. I don't think the good/bad fruitcake divide has anything to do with British vs. American recipes. It's mostly probably homemade (good) vs. mass produced (bad). OK, maybe the mass produced is "American", but plenty of American cooks make home-made fruitcake without excessive dough and leave out the nasty candied citron.

Clever Pseudonym said...

I imagine such an appliance could very useful if you only have one oven and it's occupied with baking other things. Or if you have two ovens and it's a holiday and you've got several things cooking in both. You'd think a supposed foodie would know that. Yo doun't even have to bake pies that often for something like that to be convenient. But Megan doesn't need or want it, so no one should.

I can't wait for the gift guide mocking to begin.

fish said...

because I already have such an appliance: a GE Profile Gas Oven.

any real cook knows that gas ovens are teh suxxor because the temperature is not as stable as electric.