Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Uh Oh. Competition. Won't Be Able to Make It in The Free Market

FMM seems to have acquired at least one very, very sincere flatterer.

Fire Mickey Kaus

A Blatant Rip-Off of FJM. And Alicublog. And anything that isn't nailed down.

Two points:

A) Could we get some fucking credit here? All well & good that you credit FJM, whence brad got the idea, but c'mon! What are we, chopped McArdle?

B) I discovered FMK via MK. Whatever the "irresponsible-not-to" speculation about Mr. Kaus's relationship to non-human sectors of the mammal world (& his non-stop union-bashing) he at least opens the flood-gates of free speech, unlike Ms. McArdle, from whom we're lucky to get an unlinked "ur-troll" shout-out.

I'm off to thoroughly research this Fire Mickey Kaus thing, & may (but, let's face it, probably won't) return w/ further aggravation & righteous dudgeon.


Malaclypse said...

Would you really want attribution? While I'm all for bumping on Kaus, FMK seems to lack any actual humor. If they can't bring the funny, reading about Kaus is almost as depressing as reading Kaus.

M. Bouffant said...

That's a good point, although A over there is not a bad writer, but a steady diet of just how bad Kaus is, is, indeed, almost as bad.

Susan of Texas said...

All the best people rip you guys off!

Although yeah, the snark is lacking. I am heartened by the reeferences to goat-blowing, however. Perhaps they'll learn from Sadly, No! and up the sarcasm ante.

Susan of Texas said...

My editing sucks like Mickey Kaus.

Susan of Texas said...

My editing sucks like Mickey Kaus.

Susan of Texas said...


Anonymous said...

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