Wednesday, September 22, 2010

(Very) Random Nutpicking

I still can't bring myself to go anywhere near Megan's place, but a friend linked me to this, which is worth a quick laugh.

LOL at dinosaurs being millions of years old. If so they would be buried under miles of dirt and debris. Ancient villages are often uncovered after digging down several feet and they are assigned much younger ages. Usually in the thousands of years, Then someone stumbles on a dinosaur bone on or near the surface of the Earth and quickly proclaims millions of years in age for the beast.

Dinosaurs probably existed with man a few thousand years ago.
It hadn't occurred to me that young Earth proponents also have to deny plate tectonics and erosion on a geological scale, but there you go.

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Spy Hill said...

Bill Hicks has a routine on this topic, including the Fundie explanation of fossils.