Friday, March 23, 2012

Cleaning Up

since it seems there's a few of you still watching this corpse, now and then, and I'm getting tempted to do the occasional post, I'm going to clean this place up a bit over the next few weeks. Mostly via basic organizing with tags, so feel free to suggest some to be added. The obvious tags are by author and to mark our unrelated posts, something to do with McMegan's lack of math skills (I was thinking "girls aren't bad at math, but McMegan is"), gift guides, bad opinions, fake journalism, memorable McMeganisms, nutpicking. Just enough to make the archives here more navigable.

And plz forgive the following navel-gazing; I'm going to refer to her as McMegan from now on instead of Megan. As anyone reading this would probably know, that's the handle she's chosen to comment with in the threads at her place. I called her Megan because I read so goddamn many words by her and because to call her McArdle would have been too formal and borderline academic for the dismissive way we viewed her work here. But calling her by her first name when I've never met her or, aside from one very brief spurt of emails, interacted directly with her could be read as overly familiar and dismissive in gendered ways which I have no interest in including with the ways in which I'm dismissive of her work. So, McMegan. Way more than 'nuff said.

And now, a little bit of Radiohead from last month for the fuck of it;