Friday, May 9, 2014

Worth A Laugh

As anyone who'd for any reason come by to see this knows, or knew back with it was happening considering the likely time lag, Freddie's [BONERS]* has been successfully trolling Lawyers, Guns, and Money and Balloon Juice for attention recently by questioning liberal piety regarding free speech farting around about how people don't defer to (his) privilege sufficiently. You see, he should be the liberal daddy, and we're all false lefties because we don't fall in line behind his genius. The entire left, which is apparently mainly the commentariat of LGM and BJ, has failed, by failing to recognize the authoritah of Freddie's [BONERS].
Anyway, obviously no one gives a shit about Freddie's [BONERS] except to laugh at him, but this made me giggle enough to bother to post here.

And this getting what you want, John – whipping up your notoriously nasty group of commenters who can day [sic], under the blanket of pseudonymity, all the truly ugly stuff that you want then to say. That’s your MO, it’s how you operate around here. It’s how you get the barely disguised misogyny that people direct towards Megan McArdle, the barely disguised homophobia towards Glenn Greenwald, the ritualistic flogging of anyone who isn’t a good loyal Democrat. You get your pet min here to say the really gross, personal shit that you would like to, knowing that they are protected by internet anonymity. That’s a bullshit, cowardly, pathetic way to behave, John. I never figured you for a bully.
I'd link to Cole pointing out that Freddie's [BONERS] still have posting privileges at BJ, but I already did. Cole pointed out as much in the post [BONERS] commented on, all you have to do is scroll up to the top.
Even McMegan moved on from claiming her detractors all hate girls. I have to think that if FMM actually did accomplish anything, it was to cause her to question that crutch. She does face misogyny online, all women do, but bad ideas, shitty writing, and putting corporations way, way above people are unrelated to chromosomes. (/mansplaining) To focus on the trolls and assholes is to try to dismiss the criticisms without in any way engaging them. It's almost as if [BONERS] makes a habit of it. I'm surprised [BONERS] didn't include something about the modern left being anti-Semitic because Likud=Israel, it'd be about as blatant a tell as bringing up McMegan facing misogyny. However, it does immunize him, in his own mind at least, from the criticisms of people like Sady Doyle and for focusing on dudebro issues like DRONES over women's reproductive freedom. White knights can't into misogyny, derp.

Also, if I ever remember to go by the library and get things in motion, I'm gonna make a half-assed and probably failed attempt at reading our muse's book in free ebook form and doing something in response here. I need to get the juices flowing, as it were.

*- Explained & Part 2