Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day of Rest

And now that you've read two fine items from my compatriots, there's no need to sully this space w/ anything from me. I'm saving it for tomorrow.

No, wait, one comment. What's w/ bothering to link to & comment on this bit of semi-inanity when she's on the other side of the world? I'd think there would be more to do (esp. of an interesting nature) than to keep up w/ all your first-name basis friends. I'd think.


Fishbone McGonigle said...

She's just one of those people with the equivalent of a Facebook addiction - she just. Can't. Help. Herself.

Besides, the lickspittles are expecting her to post.

Clem said...

She's torturing the lickspittles with this one. It's like the "Raisins" waitress and Butters: the poor bastards actually think they have a chance.