Friday, January 22, 2010

A Force for Right in This World

I don't have much in particular to add to this because I'm largely beginning not to care. However, I have noticed a pattern thanks to this post.

Whenever McArdle discusses the pros of not passing health care, she has all kinds of "facts" and "reasons" (like, when she claimed universal health care would CAUSE premature deaths). When she discusses the reasons to pass universal health care, she just talks about political will and shit like that. How intellectually honest. It's almost as if her world-view relies on assuming her opponents are emotionally driven idiots and couldn't have an "facts" to back up their claims.

And here's me cleverly saying that this is idiotic:

Catering to the base is a losing strategy.
Right. Yeah. Moral majority schmajority.


Susan of Texas said...

It's like words have no associations whatsoever in her brain. I see "catering to the base" and I remember Bush telling the elite they were his base, and as you point out the catering to the base that the Republicans have been doing for decades, as well as Obama's catering to the left while ignoring them in office. And, of course, McArdle's entire history of dishonest arguments regarding health care.

Her drive to deny reality is relentless. Which is why she's so nasty about it.

K. Ron Silkwood said...

Fuck catering to the base. Let them make their own goddamn sandwiches.