Sunday, January 31, 2010

MMcA Appears On NPR: "My god, in real life* she sounds even more juvenile and moronic than in print."

It certainly wasn't brad's intent that this site be an aggregator of McArdle commentary, but that's the role I've been filling lately, as an apparent psychological aversion to visiting Asymmetrical Information worsens.** Maybe the enterprise-crushing new mental health insurance regulations can provide a cure for this syndrome. Or I'll be able to sit in a comfy chair & prattle about my problems to a trained professional three or four times a wk., for free! If Megatron didn't have a blog she'd doubtless be doing the same. (One's friends can only take so much.)

Alternately, Megan might be blathering on the radio, as aimai (Please, drive carefully!) of No More Mister Nice Blog has so kindly summarized (& linked) for all.

Commenter Wendy states the obviously obvious that I've missed in this "walking away" thing:

I don't get why it's so bad to walk away. The bank isn't left holding nothing. It holds the house. That's the whole point of a mortgage--if you can't make the payments, you hand the bank back the house.

*Tiniest of silly little quibbles: Radio (even/especially NPR) & "real life" have no more to do w/ each other than absolutely necessary.

**- brad adds:

Yep. Right now I keep meaning to start working the beat again, go over there, see her name, and decide dusting my bookshelves is a far more useful way to spend my time. I can't bring myself to start reading. I'm a culture warrior at heart, but right now I just don't care. I'm not surprised she's still rising, the ability to kiss ass and network and toe the company line with vigor will always win out over actual talent in corporate culture, it's just the nature of that particular corner of hell. Fake nice doesn't require any effort to respond to but its underlying passive aggressive nature takes a lot out of real humans.


Morbo said...

On the contrary, the mission of the website should apply just as much to NPR as The Atlantic. Firing her from her Marketplace gig would make--well, it wouldn't make Marketplace any easier to listen to--NPR as a whole that much more tolerable.

Clever Pseudonym said...

Just don't you dare go crying to your insurance company to pay for you to be treated for said psychological aversions. Personally, I work mine out with vodka, because I'm tough like that.

NutellaonToast said...

I wish Megan would stop posting her stock advice here in the comments and start addressing the issues which we (fail to) raise,

M. Bouffant said...

"Hi, I'm Megan McArdle. Remember me? I used to have a little economics column. Now, I'm offering stock tips & investment advice w/ my friend Glenn Beck here ..."

brad said...

Bubye spam.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.