Tuesday, June 8, 2010


obviously FMM has gone stale. I can't speak for Nutella or M., but while I'm not going to say I'll never post again, I have no interest in reading any of Megan's words in the foreseeable future. As whoever is reading this probably knows, Susan continues to hold her nose and wade in, generally doing a better job of refuting Megan than our point and laugh method ever did.
I'm a contentious, moody, cranky fuck, but even I can't stay reactive forever, and, much as I love them, it's easy to lose sight of how ultimately unimportant even the biggest blogs really are. The truth is constantly reading and responding to Megan left me picking up some of her habits; the intellectual laziness, the glibness, and the poor writing. It rarely requires any actual effort to point out the flaws in her arguments, so I rarely put any in. The Nietzschean in me can't help but think of the line "if you stare into the Abyss long enough the Abyss stares back at you".
I'm not shutting this down, I still have vague plans to re-purpose FMM along slightly broader lines, it's not like The Atlantic is the only once respected imprint currently employing useful fucking idiots, and libertarians continue to exist, Reason is always good for a laugh. But for the time being, at least, FMM will probably remain dormant. Anyways, thank you for reading and commenting and making the best moments here more than just us ranting about Megan.
And here's a random vid I took back in April of Thom Yorke covering "All For The Best" during the solo portion of an Atoms For Peace show.


M. Bouffant said...

Let's face it: The sheer awful has worn us all down.

And more power to Susan. (Although you've certainly done more than "point & laugh" stuff.)

It's as if I can't bring myself to just GO to her page. I should have thought of this sooner, but maybe I'll put McM in my reader &, if confronted w/ the awful, I'll feel as if I should look & remark or point.

Hal Hildebrand said...

All good things must end. We'll miss ya, though.

Susan of Texas said...

But come back for the wedding, right? It'll be the social event of the decade.

Get some rest while you can!

Anonymous said...

I'll be sorry to miss the new postings, but I can understand your decision. All those years of her unceasing awfulness, and she still hasn't been fired.

Thank you for all the laughs and the righteous anger.


Downpuppy said...

Not fired, but isolated.

The Atlantic website redesign slowed them down & cut off commenting to the point where only her fanboys still go there. She gets worse & worse with nobody saying Boo to her crapulous journey through wingnuttia.

M. Bouffant said...

I did put her in my reader, & noticed there were several "in comments, people seem to think" or "in comments, it's believed I meant" sort of items. Is she spending her time policing the zoo?

Downpuppy said...

I think the phrase is "reaping what she sowed"

NutellaonToast said...

Yeah, she dissappeared from my reader and then when she came back, I realized I was happier with ehr gone. I went back recently to see her take on the BP spill, and it was pretty amusing. A sort of "who could've knwon/we can learn from this type of thing." I was going to do a post comparing it to her complaints and condemnations of the post office for not having the stamps that she wanted, but then I went outside instead.

It's been fun y'all. I agree with most of what brad said. May we rise from the ashes some day, in a more splendant form! thanks for reading! Now go outside and play!

Anonymous said...

Could the site be re-born as "Fire Camille Paglia?" She perhaps deserves it even more than McSuderman, and her insufferable pretensions and self-aggrandizement bear endless analysis and mockery.


Susan of Texas said...

I can sure appreciate how tired you guys must be of all this. The good part is that at least she now realizes that she can't get away with lying all the time. McArdle's latest article on drugs was much, much more careful than the crap she usually slings.