Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beneath it All

We got some real good laughter going on about McMoron, our beloved Morbo informs us. Even fellow libertarian Angry Bear is calling her a goddamn idiot. Apparently she's arbitrarily getting her panties in a bunch about some mortage crap that I don't give a fuck about. Something something she's dum then she shows up in comments and says the following in defense of her position:

Sigh. The point was that the product was created with heavy government interference/subsidies, not that the CFPA should be keeping banks from making loans they want to make.

Then there's a pile on:
Susan of Texas
Using that logic we should not use the internet, because it was created with "heavy government interference/subsidies." Yet, here we all are, voluntarily buying the service that others voluntarily provide.

Or highways, railroads, piped water, sewers, electricity, airports...

Granted, highways have had some fairly ugly consequences, such as Houston suburbs.

And global warming.

Sighhhhh. Banks only exist due heavy government influence.

Central banks are a threat to liberty, just like standing armies.

Libertarians are opposed to manipulating money, whether by the government or by a semi (hardly) independent federal reserve.

Do prepayment penalties make small banks want to sell the notes to big banks? And does the prepayment penalty make fannie and freddie bigger? and is that the libertarian angst against prepayment penalties?

Also are libertarians agnostoc pacificists, not being against war just the instrument of war? Or do they just want Cincinnatuses around to drop the plow and save the republic, which is so small as to not need saving..................?

ilsm will not change

I am no libertarian.

ilsm will not change

Oooooooooooooooo, just shy of the goal line, huh Meggers?

SIGGGGGGGGGGGGH. I think I'm in love.

Update: It occurs to me that I saw (in what little of this I did read) her mention that the 30 year mortage thing she's complaining about became popular in 1945ish, or somewhere just after WWII. So apparently it's such an insidious, lurking evil, it lays dormant for 70 fucking years or so.

Seriously, I just jizzed my pants.

Update2: AHHHHHHHHHHHH. i'm fucking hyperventilating, here. In the comments to her own original post she says:
I, too, am in the process of applying for a 30-year fixed . . .
Oh lord, I hope she gets her divorce soon so that I can marry her next.


M. Bouffant said...

Can I be the best man?

NutellaonToast said...

Ask Megan. I'm wearing the fucking dress.

Anonymous said...

Expected: McMegan is so full of crap that she can't stop trying to muddy the waters.

Unexpected: The Atlantic Monthly continues to issue this moron a paycheck.

Priceless: Reading this site and others like it! I live for the sweet, sweet tears of defeat...where are you two registered?

Morbo said...

Just for classification's sake, Angry Bear is pretty far from a libertarian blog. Our beloved Ken Houghton blogs there after all.

NutellaonToast said...

oh, I thought he called himself a libertarian somewhere. Will fix