Tuesday, July 27, 2010


ain't it retro?

Could We Stop Employers From Running Credit Checks?:

Here's the problem: your doctor will indeed release your medical records if you've signed a release form. It is already illegal to let anyone see your credit history without your permission, and one hopes it will remain that way--call me un-libertarian, but I don't like the idea of either a government or a corporation maintaining a secret dossier on people that those people can't look at.
Employers get permission to run the credit check the same way they get permission to run a drug test. No one (except law enforcement) can make you pee in a cup against your will. But if you don't do it, you don't get the job.
And really, why would a libertarian have a problem with a drug test or a comparable mandatory 'voluntary' invasion of personal privacy? Corporate rights are being completely respected, what's the issue?

Tenure in a Nutshell:

Remember when the Freakonomics guy wasn't a total asshole? Me neither.
If Megan and her allies ignore tenure review hard enough, it'll go away. Why can't tenure advocates fix a problem that doesn't actually exist, huh? Answer that, punks. She has us now.

The Government's Role in the Housing Bubble:

If you're willing to even listen to Megan make any claims of new, revolutionary discoveries of unrecognized economic truths, then I have a seminar on tax law and sovereign citizenship you MUST sign up for. Did you know the government has a secret bank account in your name with $250k in it? For only $300 I'll teach you how to get that money.

The nice thing about shorters is I barely have to read her.


NutellaonToast said...

"Imagine a setting where you care about performance (e.g. a professional football team, or a currency trader). You wouldn't think of granting tenure. So why do it in academics? "

Holy shit, hasn't he fucking heard of long term contracts? Ilya Kovalchuck is contracted with the Devils until he is FOURTY FUCKING FOUR. (Well, would've been if not for the league dismissing the contract)

Morbo said...

Irvine Housing Blog of all places takes a 2x4 to that last one.

Susan of Texas said...

And Angry Bear comments on that post. McArdle shows up in comments to defend herself, as she did with Joyner.

Maybe she ought to rethink that practice.

Clever Pseudonym said...

She starts her response in that link Susan dropped with "Sigh." As if to say "oh, all you people who do not come from families who are academically intimidating are just not smart enough to understand my brilliance." What a bitchy, childish idiot.

Sober Truths said...

Thank you forr writing this