Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why Do I Love This Shit So?

Oh, right, because when they whine it means sanity is winning.


NutellaonToast said...

Ya, whatever, brad. The idea that democratic loyals aren't exploiting this for political points is just as stupid as Palin.

Obama's rhetoric is also inspiring violence, but he calls them "orders to the generals" instead of political posters.

brad said...

So your point is what... we shouldn't use this moment to try to push back? That Obama's failure to end the Bush wars means we can't be concerned about the nature of american civil society? That fluoride is sapping you of your precious bodily fluids?

NutellaonToast said...

My point is that if you actually gave a fuck about words causing violence, you'd pay more attention to the words causing the most violence. Cause as it stands now, it seems like you're attacking your political opponent at an opportune time rather than taking a principled stand against things that cause killing.

If you're so fucking concerned about civility, why have you not mentioned any of the fucking uncivil things a Democrat has ever said or done? why is it OK to continue two wars? you're not pushing back against incivility. you're pushing back against republicans. That implies support for Democrats.

democrats aren't civil. they are murders.

brad said...

I guess I forgot about all my posts about how necessary it is for Obama to continue Bush's wars. Or everything I've ever said and done against those wars.
You're wrong in many ways. I'm pushing back against movement conservatives and their eliminationist, authoritarian instincts. It's not about the democratic party gaining, it's about more sanity in the national discourse. You're getting awfully worked up by a picture of a plane.

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