Thursday, April 19, 2012

In the meantime

there's this;


Ken Houghton said...

We're waiting patiently for your review of Megan's upcoming book, It's Great to Suck: How I Promoted My Boyfriend's Company into Nonexistence.

Susan of Texas said...

Or Sucking Upwards: How You, Too, Can Earn Fame And Fortune By Finding A Sugar Daddy

brad said...

The fun part is I have a friend who I can get an advance copy via. Liberal Fascism, the sequelizing.
I might have to scan it and share with you, Susan, plus maybe Roy or TBogg or TL if he wants to do some of it at BJ. Hell, maybe Gavin can come out of retirement. When the time comes I'll do some emailing and see who's in, maybe every chapter can be done by someone else.
Anyone have any word when it's coming out?

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