Friday, November 20, 2009

A Changing of the Stupid

Megan's right, Apple is being stupid/disingenuous by refusing to repair computers owned by smokers because of health risks. Megan still manages to show what a self-centered idiot she is by talking about it.

Allegedly, Apple is declining to repair Macs owned by smokers on the ground that secondhand smoke is dangerous. This a gross misunderstanding of the science--
Low hanging fruit. Megan is dead on but refuses to quit while she's ahead:
tobacco tar could be hazardous if applied to your skin, but you'd have to really slather it on, leave it there for an extended period, and reapply fairly frequently.
Duh, wha... ohhh...kay. Not done speaking out of her ass, she switches from medical expertise to marketing expertise
But it also seems like a gross misunderstanding of who makes up their customer base on the East Coast.
Megan knows like, SIX, Mac users and like, FOUR of them smoke, so, like Apple costumers always smoke, but only on the East Coast.

Remember when she said they "knew their demographic" because they served coffee? Gee, I wonder what East Coast Mac user smokes and drinks coffee? Megan McArdle? ALL OF THEM!


Clever Pseudonym said...

Speaking of gross misunderstandings of science, smoke can harm a computer. I have no idea why or how, but the last time I had my Mac looked at, the guy working on it said he could tell I didn't smoke near it and that it was good not to.

NutellaonToast said...

Smoking makes a shit ton of dust which is bad for computers. Smoking indoors is gross. I used to have to dust and sweep like everyday when i smoked in my room. Or, I would've, if I'd ever actually dusted and swept.

spencer said...

I used to write code for a tiny software company that allowed smoking inside the office - and this was only about a decade ago. The president of the company and his wife (the VP) were the main culprits, and their offices were directly across the hall from us. Now he could have mitigated the damage done to his business by moving his programmers and their expensive computers to the part of the building where smoking was not permitted (because it shared a ventilation system with another business in the building) and put his sales guys (smokers all) in the office we occupied, but he insisted it was more important that his programmers were *right there* if he needed us. So all those expensive computers intended for writing code kept running sub-optimally, and he was completely flummoxed when I went and found another job.

Smokers can be so goddamned stupid about their addiction.

NutellaonToast said...

Stupid and often PROUD. It baffles me. God I wish I'd never started. They should execute people who give them to 13 year olds and send the 13 year olds to military school.

M. Bouffant said...

Dude, I am strung out & can't help myself. I blame the enablers in the stores.

Smokers are now being persecuted like Christians in this country. Sob ...

NutellaonToast said...

I'm self loathing smoker.

Parmenides said...

I just never smoke in my house, it doesn't take that much to walk outside. That and I'd rather not smell stale smoke on the carpets. For whatever reason smoking has not cured my really good sense of smell.