Friday, November 20, 2009

Dear Teabaggers

This is what a spontaneous outpouring of thousands of people looks like.

Note that this is thousands out of a potential total in the tens of thousands, not millions.


Copenhagen said...

It's interesting that you choose not to address Megan's posts about healthcare. (ex here:

Would love to hear your thoughts on them.

Copenhagen said...

That link didn't come through right. Here it is:

Susan of Texas said...

Do you mean the post that is just one of many, many attempts to give justifications for remaining the only major industrialized nation without universal health care?

Okay, let's look at her reasons why it's unaffordable. Costs won't be controlled because that would be "unrealistic" and Congress could undo them later. That's it--those are her reasons. She doesn't back up her opinions with numbers. Again, this is just one of many similar posts.

Any discussion of McArdle's biased work is futile because her goal is to find reasons to attack health care, not analyze it. It's necessary at times or her ilk will convince credulous, unthinking people, but arguing with dishonest people is ultimately futile.

NutellaonToast said...

Frankly, Cope, I'm far too bored with this gig to take on any of the long posts these days.