Sunday, November 22, 2009

Things & Stuff

So here's the thing, about why I've been gone (aside from real world stuff); health care reform is fucking boring. Of course it's incredibly important, but goddamn it's tedious. In a certain sense we're having an extended national argument about paperwork. Yes, it's most truly about how we, as a society, value human life, but that's all too easily lost in the day to day back and forth of tribal push/pull. Megan is bad enough just in her inherent Meganity, but the combination of her hackery plus the tedium plus the incredibly important stakes make for something that's simply not funny. It's one thing for her to be a passive aggressive culture warrior, but this is not a game, those numbers she's casually playing with represent actual, living, and dying, human beings. But Megan doesn't care, at least partially because the culture she's loyal to won't allow her to. (I suspect she's also dead inside, but I don't know her personally.) There's only so many ways to say she cares more about her own money than the lives of people she'll never know or truly acknowledge the existence of.
But I enjoy being a jackass and whatever else it is I do here, and if I'm going to yell at anyone for the way the reform effort has been watered down into futility, pass or no, it might as well be Megan. Hell, the current bill might even be flawed enough that she likes it, I haven't been keeping track.
As for housekeeping issues, the idea of polls isn't dead, but my store of ideas for them is pretty much tapped out. If someone else has an idea, or one occurs to me, I'll put it up, but for now the polls are on hiatus. I'll be doing some random posting this week, some about Megan, some not. I'm seeing the Pixies tomorrow, then heading south to be with the 'rents for Get Fat Day.
And I still have the basement kitten, if anyone in the NYC area is looking for a cat. He's a great little cat, but Binkley does.not.want.


M. Bouffant said...

I'll second that. Health care yada is dull as it gets, & I'm leaving it to others to research the actual untruths issuing from McA.'s keyboard.

It's really a stark ideological (or psychological) divide, beyond the droning wonkery. One is either for humans or for corporate interests & reiterating because there's little else on the Washington radar is less than fun.

That's my excuse too, & I'm sticking to it.

Susan of Texas said...

She's not even doing that many health care posts anymore, and the ones she does come up with are safe and dull. Strange, she doesn't seem as eager to make wild accusations as she used to.

NutellaonToast said...

I missed the PIxies when they came through here and I has a sad.

Downpuppy said...

I used to think Megan was uniquely dim, but in the last couple weeks, Mish Shedlock, a libertarian who can actually do math, has descended into blithering nuttiness too. First, a long screed that completely misunderstood money creation through lending, then 2 posts of global warming denialism so ridiculous that they seem to have cleared out all his sane commenters in nothing flat.

Libertarianism. It's not a philosophy, its a disorder.

Susan of Texas said...

He seems to think that letting the nation fall apart into poverty and chaos is a good thing.

I can understand having doubts about global warming, but he seems to think that means he can ignore what's going on. Although on the bright side, they do say global warming will help negate the weakening of the Gulf Stream, like the recession helped decrease the gasoline price crises.