Sunday, August 8, 2010


It's simple, really:

I don't think there's anything wrong with Michelle Obama vacationing in Spain; they have the money, so why not?
Indeed. Nothing more to know or ask.
Yes, yes, I know--mean Republicans would make hay out of a vacation no matter where it was. Probably so. But no one would be much interested in those charges, while this does seem to have some grip. And while characters in novels may improve their lives immeasurably when they learn to stop worrying about what other people think and just be true to themselves, this is not a life path that is open to political figures.
I wish I had access to the economic knowledge that allows her to determine the relative effectiveness of "those charges" & the "this" that "does seem to have some grip."

Elements of Style©: And I wish she'd stop w/ using "grip" for "traction." You could all stop using "traction" in that context, as far as I'm concerned.

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Morbo said...

I know it's nutpicking, but... Klingon? Really? For fuck's sake.

Anonymous said...

The life story of Megan McArdle

I grew up a well-to-do member in upper middle class white society with all the accompanying benefits until one day, puberty struck. Soon I was a large troll considered too tall to date because my BMI considered me obese. What to do?

Why I decided I should become a liberal academic! Off to UPenn I went to obtain a degree in English. Soon I was beset by liberal college environmental organizations and became one of them. Never had I been so happy! But one day, I discovered that environmental groups on college campuses weren't intellectually honest. That day was the day I read Ayn Rand. But I had spent years getting an English degree that Rand would have considered useless! What was a capitalist to do?

Reader, I went to get a degree in the Chicago School of Economics. It was again the best time of my life! Surrounded constantly by like minds; it was like returning to the beehive of libertarian thought. My height didn't matter, but what I could do as an individual. I graduated and applied for work in New York. A job paying over 100k a year! Surely I deserved this sort of pay for my years of labor in college.

But dear reader, 9/11 happened.
The world changed. I could no longer afford new clothes. I felt truly shabby and embarrassed to be out there, though it was later pointed out that I could have bought nice clothes from a thrift store, but WHATEVER.

I needed the support network of my family to continue on. I had to become... a financial journalist. So was born ushering a new era in my life where my height did not matter, but the quality of my thoughts!
I soon was posting thoughts on everything and anything, being linked to approvingly by Glenn Reynolds and Andrew Sullivan. I was adored! I posted about the war. I became an expert in obesity! Global Warming! Elizabeth Warren. Soon I was pumping out so much text that it could not completely be refuted simply due to sheer effort required. Everyone would regret my words from above! Obama! Useful Idiots! PUAs! Alphas! not Betas!
To The Economist I went! Then the Atlantic!

Through the years, my commenters and hangers-ons Yancey , Dave, Rob and company protected me from the likes of the dastardly Hugo Pottisch. I was in a Ayn Rand version of a Victorian novel being courted by objectivist visionaries! It was like living the life of my hero Rand!

One day, I found Suderman. A beta man that astroturfed for Freedomworks. He was 28. I was 37.

Reader, I married him.

Jane Eyre Galt

Anonymous said...

I am never wrong.

Anonymous said...

Tilting at Strawmen
Concern Trolling

Anonymous said...

Liberal writer X is such a jerk in this post that even though I substantively agree with what he has said, I must threaten to withdraw my almighty support from the issue because he is odious.

Anonymous said...

cheaper shot: I have asthma and will whine about it with pseudoscience and the latest research that confirms my biases

Downpuppy said...

Tis isn't even concern trolling from Megan.

It's a goddamn small town gossip move - "Of course, I don't mind, but what will people think?"

Nom de plum said...

In my collegian days I grew fond of non-English major coursework as well, especially Introduction to Philosophy 101, in which I excelled. Debates such as the existence of the self and the justice of killing one's parents would spill over after the class bell rang, and continue into the dorm room evening, even into the next morning. I never, ever lost an argument nor conceded a point back then. These experiences currently serve me well as an econoblogger, and I try mightily to post blog commentary that is just as trenchant and cogent as those collegiate arguments from nonce ago. I think I owe that to my readers.

I also perfected back then my ability to argue from a contrarian angle. It has served me well throughout my blogging years. I used to be a vegan who only ate humanely killed meat. I am an atheist who does not negate the possibility that god exists, but I'm not an agnostic. I'm a libertarian who's anti-choice. I can't really figure out "gay rights", it's too complicated, so I'm opposed to them too. I believe anything government tries to do will fail, but I become hugely irate if the Post Office doesn't have the exact stamps I want or if the DMV won't renew my license because of a criminal conviction I blew off 20 years ago. I believe the market is always perfect, matching demand with supply, except when it comes to monthly general interest magazines, which require subsidizing from Randian supermen.
[Please David Radler, please let me recipeblog again, please.]

Anonymous said...

holding my breath to see if she ever admits to being wrong about ACORN

Linda said...

These charges only have grip (or as they say in English, "traction") among right wing bloggers, posters, and maybe the voices in Megan's head. Nobody else gives a rat's ass. Exactly like the 14th amendment and mosques at Ground Zero. Try at least pretending you care about people outside your bubble, Megan.