Tuesday, January 18, 2011


with nutella deciding to move on and M. having been called up to triple A by Thers, this place is gonna be quiet. Megan sucks, and smarter, more capable people like Susan, TBogg, and half of Balloon Juice are on it. If I played any role in her getting recognized as a hack by the liberal blogosphere, awesome, but it was known before I started, and it's time to move on. I'm not going to delete anything here, but there probably won't be too many new posts to come, if any.
I'd been thinking of starting a more serious blog, but then I'd have to be more serious, and I don't want to be. However I have made a new place to rant and be random, not that I've made much use of it yet. It's here, maybe it'll turn into something, maybe not. In any case, thanks for reading. That anyone did was a surprise in the beginning, and our commenters were the best part of all this along the way. Come on by the new place if you for some reason like where I'm coming from, I'd be glad for the encouragement.


Susan of Texas said...

I'm not smarter, I can just hold a grudge longer.

I don't know why I keep doing this when I know damn well that it will not make any difference in the end. You guys are smart to move on. But then I think of what she could have done to Elizabeth Warren if she hadn't had any push-back....

But in the end, the people with the money always prevail. The house always wins. Any minor achievements mean almost nothing. The economic devastation is already here, the spiral into violence has begun, the Democratic party is useless. The time to give warnings is over. Nobody cared before and if they care now it's too late.

Thank you to all of you for all your hard work. I know exactly how draining and frustrating it is, how maddening it is to see McArdle get richer while we get poorer. You guys did do one thing--by putting your criticism out into the internet, you made it permissible for people with influence and a large audience to criticise her. Most people with careers are too afraid to risk anything that might hurt their earning potential and so would not criticise her. Especially since she's so good at playing the victim, like an Ivy League Sarah Palin. Ezra and the like wouldn't do it until others did it first and made it socially acceptable to criticize her.

Anonymous said...

Megan does this to people. She just wears them down. She is the best example yet that the dog-eat-dog world of blogging is more like two dogs blowing each other and then barking about how to cook pancakes.

That doesn't make much sense, but fuck it. Neither does Megan. So I'm allowed.

Anonymous said...

off the topic of this post, but I wanted to bring to your attention something from Megan McArdle's most recent post. Writing about Harper's magazine she writes

"I had been aware of their struggles with circulation--indeed, I'm part of them. Given how high the price is, and how rarely I felt like I was finding surprising, challenging articles, eventually, regretfully, I stopped taking the magazine"

I must admit, my copies of the magazine often pile up unread. However, as for the price being "high". You can subscribe to Harper's for a year for under $15.

Clever Pseudonym said...

Thanks for being so amusing over the last few years and for keeping up the (sadly) futile fight as long as you guys did. Good luck to all contributors and commenters from FMM. I look forward to seeing what you get up to on your new blog, Brad.

And Megan sucks.

Matt said...

I'd just like to add my thanks for all your efforts. I've enjoyed the blog for a long time, and I understand it is discouraging that McArdleBargle one keeps on truckin', as smug and oblivious as ever, but you should know that you've given voice and solace to your fellow travelers. And that's important.

Adam Eli Clem said...

Does this mean I can ask her out?

Good luck, Brad. Thanks for letting me run amok.


apnasindh said...

retirment is very important article but after reitred poeple take rest :)

Mr. Wonderful said...

Late saying it, but you guys created the franchise. Susan now carries it on. Well done. Period. Thanks and live long and prosper and etc.

Mr. W.