Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just One

Per Megan, Pres. Bush has been "entirely classy" during the transition. What the hell does that mean? Isn't "classy" a word mostly used by white trash types in personal ads? Whatever it means to Megan, she then decides it's not enough, & that Bush must work more closely w/ the B. O. people to reassure the markets.

Her commenters, besides getting in a few clever ones at Obama, quickly point out to her how useless, ineffectual & ignored by all Bush is. 

OK, one more, it's short: 


24 Nov 2008 04:20 pm

If you need to support your preferred wealth distribution model with a threat that, unless we give them money, the beneficiaries will riot and kill the people you want to tax, you are not making a good case for the moral worthiness of the recipients, or the justice of your scheme.  Just saying.
That's it. No link, reference, attribution, quote, nothing. Commenters confused as well. No helpful response from Ms. McA., either.


Susan of Texas said...

One of MEgan's commenters mentions John Hussman. If Megan read Hussman and Kuntsler and Roubini and Fleckenstein, maybe she wouldn't say that nobody knows what's going on or that this crash would happen.

But maybe she would anyway. She sees installing appartchiks as classy, after all.

That note is strrange. She's such a coward.

clever pseudonym said...

Megan, you are an idiot. Just saying.