Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh, Jane, You're so Modest

Pat yourself on the back, hun:

My first internet bon mot was Jane's Law: the devotees of the party in power are smug and arrogant. The devotees of the party out of power are insane.
WOW! That is quite the "good word" as the French say. Why, it's catching on so fast that a Google search of "Jane's Law" lands a monstrous 1,430 hits. I'm sure the fact that, of the first 30 or so links, all but one have nothing to do with what she said or are links to is just a... typographical error or something.

Someone should email Google about the error in their code.


Flautus said...

It's not a bon mot. It's a fucking ripoff of Carlin's d'jya- ever-notice gag about how all the drivers going slower than you are jerks while all the drivers going faster than you are maniacs. That this woman takes credit for a bon fucking mot that she outright stole is amazing. What a jerk.

clever pseudonym said...

Except Carlin's joke was actually funny; somebody should tell Megan that for something to be a bon mot, it has to be clever and witty. Her little observation is neither, no matter how many times she tries to recycle the same rubbish she first used five years ago.