Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Working Hard or... OMG.. I'm Starting to Sound like HER!

I wanna be informed, let's see what Megan says today!!!!

It's 4pm ET, surely she's pumped out some inspiring piece by now. First up:
The inauguration cometh:

As many as four million people may crowd the mall at inauguration. That sound you hear is 600,000 DC residents dialing Travelocity to make travel plans elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the exciting local question is: do you or don't you rent out a room, or your whole house? The answer for me is easy: my landlord would kill me. But those in larger buildings or houses can attract hundreds of dollars a night for their room--it looks to be pretty easy to make a couple of month's rent during inauguration week.
Wow, I didn't realize that a lot of people would want to see Obama's inauguration! On top of that, how genius of her to point out that a large influx of people would strain lodging demand. I'm sure all of those people who live in large houses are definitely going to open their doors to strangers just to make a couple hundred bucks (which apparently covers mortgage payments on large houses these days).

Ohh, next she asks the thrilling question, "Should WebMD be illegal?"
I bet the answers is "yes!" but let's see what she says:
What most of us already knew . . . reading about drug side effects makes you sick. So does reading about diseases. But as long as it's there, we won't be able to resist checking whether that brain tumor is acting up again.
Oh, drat, she didn't say. Well, I'm going to stick with "yes!"

I'm so glad our giving muse was able to find the strength to forgo the lucrative career that she was never actually offered so that she could tell us these important things. I do worry though. Does she still have enough money to buy new clothes so that she can hold her head up? I'd hate to think that she might spent another 18 months being unable to get a new cardigan.


clever pseudonym said...

"...we won't be able to resist checking whether that brain tumor is acting up again."

Megan, I know your mom told you that you were funny, but she was lying, okay?

Chad said...

It's interesting how for Megan actually staying to watch the inauguration doesn't seem to be an option, or at least one not worth discussing. Of course, it's hardly surprising that her immediate reaction to the historic inauguration of the first African-American president would be "But how is it going to inconvenience ME?!?!"

Susan of Texas said...

And her second reaction is, "How much money could I make off of this?"

clever pseudonym said...

Don't be ridiculous, Chad. Thousands of unwashed rubes descending in her midst? She could actually have to converse with one of those non-coastal elite hillbillies if she sticks around. My goodness. There might even be people who attended public school coming. Surely even a site such as this can spare sympathy for the poor dear and what she's up against?

NutellaonToast said...

No way, they don't let people who went to public school just walk around over there, do they?