Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Now More People Know She's an Idiot

Bashing McMegan has now reached print media!

From Jason Zengerle's proflie of Malcolm Gladwell in New York Magazine:

"Gladwell’s description of himself as a parasite serves as a handy defense when his work comes under fire. Two years ago, after the economics blogger Megan McArdle criticized Gladwell for attributing in a New Yorker article Ireland’s success as the “Celtic Tiger” to declining birthrates, he responded on his blog that McArdle had the wrong guy—and did it, rather strangely, in the third person. “ ‘Gladwell’ does not attribute Irish success to falling birthrates,” he groused. “David Bloom and David Canning do. Gladwell is a journalist. Bloom and Canning are two exceedingly prestigious economists at Harvard, who are considered world experts in the field of demography and economics.”

She's a professional troll.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, because it was such a big secret before?


bulbul said...

Not to push you guys or anything, but damn, Megan is on the roll:
Right to work - unions suck and if there is anything wrong with GM, it's all their fault. Also note that while she's "not happy to help them manufacture undesireable cars", she just doesn't get that the reason GM does not manufacture small cars like Opel, Ford and Peugot are doing in Europe (cf) is that in the US, small cars are UNDESIRABLE. Jesus H. Christ, what the hell is wrong with her? And what the fuck is wrong with me, why do I keep reading that shit???
Then there's of course the bit about how everything is super hunky-dory in Iraq. But what really got to me is this bit from a post where Our Lady of Teh Fucking Dumb declares a moratorium on the use of the phrase "Manhattan project for renewable energy":
The Manhattan Project had a relatively simple goal, blowing things up. We knew this goal was possible, because the sun was already doing it.
What the Sun is doing is nuclear fusion. What the A-bombs do is nuclear fission. If we could do what the Sun does, we'd be out of the woods. Way to go to demolish your argument in the first fucking paragraph.
Why, oh Lord, why must there be such stupid people on this Earth?

NutellaonToast said...

looks we have another contributor on our hands.

you should email brad. :)

Susan of Texas said...

And what the fuck is wrong with me, why do I keep reading that shit???

Writers reveal a tremendous amount about themselves in their work. Bloggers are like sitcom stars, in a way. Their readers come to think they know them because the are so familiar a presence. And like the families or young professionals on tv, we see the workings of their minds.

The government is fairly shadowy in its workings, despite CSPAN. The pundit's inner workings used to be mysteries as well. Now we know they are as human as us, as confused and fallible and full of vanities and needs. It chips away at the image Authoritarians use to keep their power, for power is something that is given, not taken. So they can't stand the uppity disagreement, and we can't stand the insult to our idea of equality. If we are truly equal, then Authoritarians have no place in our society.

The best way to fight them is to mock them. It dissolves their aura of untouchability and superiority. Michael Moore did our country a huge service by making Farenheit 9/11. He opened the door to mocking Bush, thereby opening the door to questioning Bush.

clever pseudonym said...

I keep reading her shit because I'm still amazed that a person who writes that bad, continually gets simple facts wrong, and exhibits one of the most juvenile and vapid worldviews I've ever encountered actually gets paid by a once-respectable publication to spew her brand of garbage.

bulbul said...

I'd be honored, but then again, that would mean I'd have to read Megan's drivel every day instead of just in those rare moments when I feel like I have it too good and need to come off cloud no. 9 stat. On the other hand, having the movement going international would be kinda cool :)

that is an excellent point, but there's gotta be more to it, because I also keep track of our local pundits who - thank Heavens - are pretty far from power. I guess cp's right and I'm just sitting here flabbergasted wondering how much more incompetent shit will they let her get away with.

Susan of Texas said...

Bulbul, I think I understand. It's pretty hard to believe that it's this easy for an immoral and ignorant writer to achieve so much success, and that there are so many lesser bloggers doing the same thing.