Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So far so good

tho the next 12 hours or so are still a bit dicey. Thanks for your thoughts.
In the meantime, I'm gonna start digging out of this huge pile of stupid Megan crapped out. I wanted to not do any catch-up and jump right back in, but I can't let these moments go by unremarked. (By me, Susan's taken up a bigger load in my absence.) Marathon shorters.

How much have voters really change? [sic]:

Black people are too lazy for their increased turnout to be repeated.

Note to Democrats:

Bush's victory 4 years ago negates the claim that Bush's unpopularity since that election has pushed the country away from movement conservatism to a slightly more progressive place, as evidenced by Obama more than doubling Bush's margin of victory in the popular vote yet not being credited by me with even a comparable mandate. QED, bitches.

Are there any adults left in the room?:

I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too mature for these dumb middle school parties. My boyfriend is a senior in high school and has a motorcycle and I've let him go under my training bra.


I find it distasteful when poor people and hippies evidence self-esteem.

No one here but us chickens ...:

Now when I dishonestly attack Democrats for not indulging my shallow ideological aims I can pretend I'm speaking truth to power!

Things can only get better ...:

Did I mention I don't like seeing poor people happy?

I don't recall Republicans engaging in this kind of magical thinking in 2000. They, too, seemed to have an unreasonable belief that George Bush was going to improve America a great deal (unreasonable even before 9/11), but as I recall, this was concentrated on intangibles like restoring honor to the white house, not putting an extra $3,000 in everyone's pockets.
Yup, it was only $300. That's not magical thinking, it's retardation.
Also, you don't recall this kind of response in 2000 because at this point in 2000 the election wasn't over.
I don't mean to suggest that all, or even most of the Democrats are filled with impossible dreams of glory. Well, I think they are, but impossible in the ordinary sense that anyone who believes a politician will make their lives substantially better needs to tell me where they get their drugs, because I've never been able to disconnect from reality that completely.
No, Megan, you've just never had any connection to reality. Giving you acid would be like giving a narcoleptic valium.

Rahm Emmanuel:

If I only chimed in on things I have knowledge of my only career option would be writing the recipes found on boxes of Velveeta.

That's enough for now. Up next is the astounding output from yesterday and today. Megan is responding to Obama's victory by getting crazier, which is yet another marker of her underlying conservative authoritarian tendencies. The real question is whether she'll have apologized for her support for Obama before he's sworn in.

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bulbul said...

Best wishes to your mom, Brad :)

As for Our Lady of Teh Stupid:
anyone who believes a politician will make their lives substantially better needs to tell me where they get their drugs
I just was relistening to Franken's "Lies and Lying Liars Who Tell Them" where he talks about this, the belief that we liberals/progressive hold that politics can improve our lives. As an example, he cites his wife, a daughter of a WWII veteran who died in a car accident and whose family got by thanks to political decisions made by the government and implemented by the DoD. Franken goes on to say: "There are millions of stories like this. Almost every American family has a story like this." I guess Americans are all a bunch of stoners.