Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Hits Just Keep on Coming!

...and now she admits to being too stupid to put together a box she got from Ikea.

Yes, she not only wasted money on a fucking box from Ikea, but she apparently can't even assemble it.

Puts a whole new spin on the -blanking- your way out of a paper bag joke.

This woman can't even blog her way into an Ikea made box.


Bonus "She's not as clever as she thinks she is":

My life's ambition is to never again put together an Ikea product. I have not yet reached that halcyon plane of existence, and perhaps never will.
A search of her blog for the word "halcyon" yields over a dozen hits. GOD, WHAT A FUNNY WORD!!!!!!


clever pseudonym said...

I've never been to Ikea, but I thought the attraction of their furniture for most was the relative affordability of it. So I just assumed that post was more Megan lamenting the perils of having to buy the same stuff meant for icky poor people.

But not being able to assemble a box is nowhere near as stupid as writing "how did nature, or nature's God, manage to produce an entire nation full of industrious people who assess the value of their own time at $0?" Where to start?

-furniture in Sweden can only be bought at Ikea ("entire nation")
-people who assemble their own furniture have no value for their free time (because large, expensive, pre-assembled furniture that requires delivery and therefore costs more of the money you earn during the time that isn't valued at $0).
-God may or may not have created Sweden. At any rate, everyone who lives there is industrious (you'd think that would explain why they prefer to assemble their own furniture).

Dhalgren said...

I'm waiting for the halcyon days that Megan is un-the-fuck-employed. We still need to bleed-out toxicity from our economy in 2009. The recession is young.

bulbul said...


there's the affordability and then there's the whole Scandinavian thing where houses and apartments are smaller than what the average American or continental European is used to. Ikea is extremely good at making furniture that is adaptable to living quarters of any size and shape, my studio is a testament to that. Plus, they make all kinds of awesome stuff, like the boxes Megan is too stupid to put together.
And my mind still boggles at the concept of "valuing one's own time at $0".

Flautus said...

Using the word halcyon is almost, just almost as funny as the joke about the Christian Scientist with cancer--ha ha ha ha ha fucking ha. Fuck you Megan with your old, tired jokes. Stop it.

clever pseudonym said...

If Megan spent half the time researching the topics she posts about that she does perusing her thesaurus for antiquated words to substitute for regular ones in an effort to look smart, she might actually earn an upgrade from spectacularly shitty writer to just a bad one.