Friday, February 13, 2009

Always Playing Catch-Up

we're bad obsessive anti-fanboys here, we always fall behind. Marathon shorters, prolly in parts.

Sign of the Times:

Guess what? Megan is one of those people who actually watch infomercials. How do you think she heard about the Slanket?

Tracking TARP:

Americans are scum. While the rest of us enjoyed seeing the heads of TARP assisted banks put through the ringer, Megan was feeling sorry for them. Do you realize how rich they are?

Maxine Waters brings the crazy:

Sure, Megan confuses and conflates the bailout and the stimulus frequently, but this woman asked questions coming from an ideological basis Megan disagrees with. Waters is therefore the biggest idiot in the history of ever. Do you realize not every bank represented issues credit cards? The horror, the horror.

Is Ruth Madoff psychic, or what?:

Remember, every time Megan mentions the Madoff scam it entitles her to three rich people enabling posts. For example...

Poor little rich boys:

Sure, it seems laughable to hear financial types complain about having to live on only a half million a year, but they have a point. Rich folk having to give up a vacation or two this year is totally equivalent to poor folk having to give up food and shelter.

How do you feel?:

Yes, rich white people do get the blues. And yes, the rest of the world is perfectly right to have no fucking interest in hearing about it from us.

Now, a pause for a longer. BRB.

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clever pseudonym said...

AND she doesn't know what "cross the Rubicon" means, either!