Monday, February 9, 2009

Sofa King Stu PED

The joys of unemployment (insurance):

Like unionization, unemployment insurance is known to increase unemployment--not the number of people who lose their jobs, but the number of weeks they spend unemployed. As long as the checks are coming in, people are less motivated to take any job that's offered.
I'm proud of Megan for not getting indignant at this. How dare they? How fucking dare people not just take the first McJob they see and try to find meaningful employment while they can?
I know, I'm being unfair. Megan is in favor of unemployment insurance, just only so long as it helps the economy and not people. Do you realize many European governments actually try to provide care and services to their citizens? Fucking socialists. Thank god American greed is a transmissible virus and we're changing that. The purpose of an economy is to provide the wealthy with a scorecard in their competitions, don't forget that.


Chad said...

also the lost production from people who are staying out of the labor force while they search for a never-never job.

"Which is exactly what I did once, but no need to mention that!"

Marshall said...

Its tiring to listen to people with so little understanding of people in a different economic class then yourself. It makes you wonder if its better to burn it all down. The complete lack of understanding. The complete fidelity to their own ego and abstract understanding of the world without an ounce of understanding of the actual world. It is tiring.

Dhalgren said...

Quite right.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

If only all people had meaningful, productive employment.

Like Megan.

If only...

The Ignorant Investor said...

I've been on unemployment once, and despite Megan's trust-fund baby drivel, it's not something you want to live on. It's lower than a salary and you know it's going to run out.

Megan's problem is that she knows some kid who quit his job and laughed about taking unemployment while he was living at home and had no expenses. So she assumes that everyone treats unemployment like a big fat money cake.

clever pseudonym said...

She's assuming that money is the only motivation for employment. There are other factors, too. I work not just for the income, but the rewards of my job and the dignity of independence. Just because Megan's a lazy dumb ass who would lounge around as long as the checks kept coming, doesn't mean the rest of us would be content without finding meaning and usefulness in our lives. Christ, she's a self-absorbed idiot.