Monday, February 9, 2009

The Stupid Just Won't Stop

today's shorters. I will, for reals, do a look through the Iraq Body Count posts sometime tonight, probably fairly late. Now on with the dumb.
Oh, and I just checked the fire megan gmail addy for the first time in forever, and oops, sorry to a few folk. In the future, if it's an important email, drop a comment to let me know of it.

Niche marketing:

Megan gets very upset when she's made personally subject to the same "free market" forces she champions the rest of the time. This gouger is a rugged individual letting the market determine how to price their goods. Were they a corporate entity with a commodity doing the same, she'd be singing their praises.

Starbucks tries to scoot downmarket:

Really, Megan is wayyy too hip to drink Starbucks. Maybe a little ironic, and mostly made of chemicals, Dunkin Donuts coffee now and then, but she's too awesome for Starbucks.

The coming of Kindle 2.0:

Why get a library card for free when you can spend $200-300 on a piece of plastic that then makes you pay $10 bucks more for each entirely electronic copy of a text you want to read? Books, of course, can also run out of battery power while you read them, so there's no functional difference.

More love for Big Labor:

What does this mean for the stimulus? Union labor is more expensive. Every project that uses a PLA will cost more, and many of those jobs will use as much capital equipment as possible to minimize the demand for labor. That means that we will get a lot less employment for every dollar of stimulus spent than we would without the PLA.
Money given to union members simply VANISHES FROM THE EARTH. No one has ever penetrated their culture deeply enough to answer this mystery. They don't spend the money, or put it in banks, and the lack of open fires in areas where unions dig their underground tunnel communities suggests the money isn't being burned. Top theories include use as insulation, and that, since legal tender is made of a kind of cloth, unions actually sew the bills together to make their undergarments. But the truth is we may never know.

Internet accountability:
The St. Petersburg Times creates a site where you can actually see how Obama is doing at keeping his campaign promises. Wait . . . you mean politicians are supposed to actually do the things they promise? Did I miss a memo?
Dear Megan,
You are fucking stupid.

Triumph of Will:

Nothing says ringing endorsement like echoing the title of Nazi propaganda. I'm sure Will is quite flattered.
But if the Republican Party disappeared, the Democrats would be no closer to their goals, because the Republican Party represents real interests that would continue to exist, and would elect other people who would also oppose the bill. And at the point when you're fantasizing about the mass disappearance of a large number of voters, I'd suggest that your political philosophy needs a rethink. And if the stimulus package were really as 100% guaranteed to make America better off as its proponents claim, you can bet that sensible Republicans would be falling all over themselves to get on board.
No right winger's day is complete without projection, is it?

Be right back with a brief look at today's lowlight.


Susan of Texas said...

Hey, don't knock the Kindle--if we're lucky, it's slippery and she reads in the bathtub.

I love the way she assumes everyone's as lazy and unmotivated as she.

Coffee Review says Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks are both crappy coffees due to mass production. Starbucks is the darker roast, which is no doubt why McArdle considers it burned.

Young Will struck me as stupid, which is no surprise. McArdle is sure to be a booster for mediocre minds.

bulbul said...

Susan stole the words right out of my mouth.
But in all seriousness, I get Kindle. Unlike the rest of the crap she's buying and hawking. This got to me, though:
"people like me--... people who travel a lot for work"
She travels. A lot. For work.

Where to? And what for??

Mr. Wonderful said...

"sensible Republicans"

As always, the logical absurdity yields a good band name.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so unions are the mysterious money sink. I thought the government was responsible for burning/burying/? the money it "spent", but it turns out they're giving it to the unions. Damn you unions.