Thursday, February 5, 2009

McArdle Fairness Doctrine Act of 2009

Megan, who recently identified herself as among "center-right and onward people," is all mad about Congreƒs spending the taxpayers' money. Well, she's mad that Democrats are spending the taxpayers' money, because the blockquote she provides is all about a Democratic Congressional Caucus retreat. The item she linked also mentions Republican Congressional retreats (not that you'd know from Megan's selection) which like their funding not from the people they are alleged to represent, but straight from the corporate interests actually represented by the Greedy Old Party.

You know, we gave them a whole building and everything just so they could have a place to plan for the entire country. We also provide them with offices filled with staff people dedicated to planning important things for the entire country. If that's not enough, I suggest they pass the hat and rent a VFW hall somewhere like most of their constituents have to . . . or figure out a way to pay for it without tapping government funds.
Good points. Maybe all corporate retreats should be outlawed. After all, they have "buildings and everything" to work in. Certainly those seminars & conferences to which Megan flies that are financed by non-profits should be halted immediately. That's taxpayer money that the non-profits get by not paying taxes. Enough!

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clever pseudonym said...

Everybody already gave her grief in her comments over this, but gosh...$500,000 for Congressional retreats over five years? That's not that much money. But Megan does have me sufficiently outraged. I'm going to write my member of Congress and demand my eight cents back.