Friday, February 13, 2009

Back to the Shorters


Out of control:

Rent control is a communist plot to steal our precious bodily fluids. Rent control advocates force babies to rape other babies. Rent controls will cause a reaction in the global climate comparable to what's seen in The Day After Tomorrow. Rent controls force slum lords to subject their tenants to substandard conditions.
And don't get her started on Section 8, that causes cancer.

Libertarians better shut up for the next four years:

Megan would like James Wolcott to notice her, so she's decided to play the victim because one her fellow libertarians said some really fucking stupid things. Arnold Kling apparently doesn't see racial undertones in calling Obama and his economic team "a ransack[ing] gang of thugs", after having called the stimulus plan a covert "reparations" plan. Now, obviously his saying all this is a direct result of being a libertarian, so anyone's negative response is all about anti-libertarian bias. Kling, or really Megan, is the true victim of bias here, and libertarian is the new black.
Megan knows Kling, and he's nice to her, so therefore he can't possibly be biased. Wolcott is the true racist here, using the occasion of a black man in the Oval Office as an excuse to point out moments of public racism directed at that man and his office. Megan is scared and angry that she'll inevitably say something comparably stupid, so she's lashing out preemptively.
But she really would like Wolcott to link to her.


Intellectual consistency and coherency are not Megan's strong suits.

It's just like a gang of white thugs are ransacking my house:

Notice how she inserts the word "white" there to totally show how it's not a racially loaded phrase? Oh, and she's still waiting for her closeup, Mr. DeWolcott.
It's all the left making poor Kling look bad, in truth. We're out to get the poor, put upon libertarians. Sure, Kling called the stimulus bill a reparations bill, but it was some other guy who used black and reparations in the same sentence, so race was totally absent from Kling's words. And just because he implied Obama was leading a gang of thugs in an assault on his daughter doesn't mean there's any scary negro imagery involved.
But acknowledging any of this might cause Megan to notice her own unquestioned biases, which probably why she feels victimized here. And so, projection.

This is why it's a bad idea to turn the volume on the racism charges up to 11; if you're wrong, it turns out that you were self-righteously . . . slandering someone.
Oddly enough, no one in the daisy chain except our own Andrew Sullivan has been interested enough in Kling's racism to post a correction when it turned out to be mostly imaginary.
Yep, when a Bell Curve enthusiast clears you of racial bias you know you're good.

What do we mean by nationalization?:

The New Deal didn't work,
Perhaps the thing to do is triage the banks: identify (and certify) those that can get along without capital; liquidate and sell off the no-hopers to group one; and laying out clear steps for getting the banks in the middle group back onto solid ground. This is approximately what FDR did, and while the certification process was jerry-rigged and probably more than occasionally wrong, the restoration of confidence in the banks that stayed open was very helpful.
unless I can make hay out of referencing it.

Oh, Canada!:

Canada retained a culture of business regulation, and thus has been less impacted by the current crises. This means nothing, and can tell us nothing. That they ran budget surpluses and paid down debt during the Bush years instead of enacting deficit military spending and wealth redistribution upwards is nice, but has nothing to say to how we've been doing things or Megan's support of those past policies. It's just one of those things.

Ok, breaktime. Be back in just a few with a long look at the white privilege post. Stupid is as stupid does, and Megan is fucking stupid.


clever pseudonym said...

A journalist that doesn't even know the difference between libel and slander? At least she's consistent about never ceasing to amaze me how underqualified and terrible she is at her job.

NutellaonToast said...

Sully backs the "Bell Cruve?" Oh, that's awesome! Got a link handy perchance?

I mean, I do too, but that's just because I'm Jewish. NUMBER ONE BABY!!!!!!!

M. Bouffant said...

Take your choice.

Anonymous said...

Does she mean "daisy chain" in the sexual metaphor sense or what? If so--and there's no other usage of the term that I am unfamiliar with--I will state categorically that Megan is sexually warped.

Mr. Wonderful said...

MM was on Marketplace again tonight, along with some woman from the Wall St. Journal blog, or site, or something.

A (shudder) libertarian, and a WSJ writer. It's called "balance." Get used to it.

(MM gave her "triage" advice to host Kai Rysdahl, or however you spell it. It sounds sensible to me, but what do I know?)

Yuppers said...

Anon - "daisy chain" is actually a pretty common phrase outside any sexual context. It means an ad hoc connection of (concepts, plans, actions, what have you). Comes originally from the more literal idea of those daisy "crowns" made from chaining daisies together into a ring that you sometime see at ren fests and movies.

M. Bouffant said...

Yeah, anon, get the mind outta the gutter!