Sunday, March 21, 2010


Shorter Meganadsfhgbo;aj

"When congress passes hugely unpopular legislation that I like it's because they're smarter than the public. When it passes unpopular legislation that I don't like it's because democrats are poopyheads."

Yup, in Megan stupid cunty land, she can openly fuck the shit outta TARP but HCR is fucking kryptonite. Banks deserve money. People deserve the backside of the invisible hand and, yeah, I'm not apologizing. That stupid whore is a fucking cuntsicle, with a stick right up her ass, a dry barren wasteland between her legs, a pot o' gold where her heart is, and a swirling vortex betwixt the eyes.


Why do I keep ending up back at her fucking webblogawful.

typo no formatting you're lucky I put in a link fuck off and die world it's made of god damn rotten fungus toecheese assholes with a knife in my nipples, a crooked back, and only fucking reruns of the drew carey version of... well... anything.


M. Bouffant said...

Thanks, I was about to type something about that, but I doubt I could have reacted any more coherently than you did.

Anonymous said...

"But because politicians shouldn't feel that the best route to electoral success is to lie to the voters, and then ignore them."

In Megan's imaginary world, the democrats didn't run on promises to come up with some form of national healthcare reform.

Mr. Wonderful said...

NOT, I sympathize w/ your incoherent rage. I'm not even sure what she thinks she's saying. That when there is public disagreement over legislation, it shouldn't be passed? That the lunatic fringe of vocal opponents to HCR have just as much a right to have it NOT passed as its proponents have to get it passed?

That--indulge me here--the Republicans in Congress have always acted in good faith but now, after this Dem perfidy, the gloves are off?

Then again, it's echt-Megan: sarcastic, a little whiny, and at best incoherent, at worst mendacious and always, always wrong.

Murfyn said...

Get a Steve Allen riff behind that, that's Beat poetry.