Monday, March 22, 2010

Wrong Again


Obviously, yes, I was upset yesterday. I'm glad that this could bring so much joy to peoples' hearts, and of course to know that for many people, the happiest part of passing health care reform seems to have been knowing that it made people like me unhappy.



The fact that 32 million people getting access to doctors does not make you happy makes NONE OF US HAPPY.

You are the abyss, Megan, and you kill our souls when you stare back.



NutellaonToast said...

huh, wtf happened with the formatting?

OOPS, don't care.

Anonymous said...

No, actually, she's right; I'm mostly glad that I could get sand in her vag.

Tens of thousands of people NOT dying each year from lack of access to health care? That's just icing.

WolfKenobi said...

great post at Tapped:

Anonymous said...

This is the right wing mindset reflected back on itself. Right wingers chortle anytime a bill pisses off libruls, so they assume the libruls operate under the same system of bitter, rage-oriented policies.

Clever Pseudonym said...

Crap, this woman is really just disgustingly full of herself. Almost to the point where I don't object you your use of the c-word.

No, Megan, after I heard HCR passed, the last fucking thing in the world that would have come to mind at the time was YOU. I don't give a shit what you think about it, and not just because most of what you'd write would be either wrong or a lie. Get the fuck over yourself, woman. Really.

Susan of Texas said...

There's a ton of good stuff out there today calling McArdle hysterical and over-reacting.

The tyranny of elections! My God, the Horror!

tat said...

Today I found out that my wife is pregnant. The reason I'm so happy about this is because I know that bringing one more poor brown person into the world will piss off people like Megan.

Robin Morrison said...

I'm aways happy when someone calls a cunt a cunt. To her cuntface. kudos!