Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let's Go to the Video Tape

Shocking developments. America has received private word from a confidential inside source that when you decide to invade an entire fucking country, you sometimes end up shredding civilians to pieces.

AP has independently confirmed this reports with important people close to the situation.

Duh and no fucking shit could not be reached for comment before press time, but various logical fallacies, moral deficiencies, and completely predictable occurrences noted that "America is a retarded, self interested child who shows remorse only when caught covered in chocolate standing next to the shattered jar."


Downpuppy said...

Is this NoT or has Megan hacked your account?

The Iraq War was in 2003. This massacre was in 2007. 4 years of occupation, & we still had gunships slaughtering random people from a mile away.All carefully approved by their superiors, and dutifully covered up in the name of Jesus.

Saying "Shit Happens" is a horrible, lazy way of avoiding facing criminal, evil acts. Sure, the war was illegal & immoral. But this was deep into the occupation - which makes it illegal under a whole nother set of rules.

NutellaonToast said...

I need to work on my writing. Every time I write a post like this people read it the way you just did.

My point is the idiocy in advocating for a war and then freaking out over things like this. This is what happens in a war. This is the shit that happens in a war. So, maybe shit happens does work.

The idea that a war could be waged with this kind of crap is absurd. It's like saying we could all get dogs and no one would ever get fleas.

War is hell, and hell doesn't have rules.

atat said...

Meanwhile, McArdle begins with, "I don't know what to think," and then proceeds to think of umpteen different ways to defend the soldiers.

Susan of Texas said...

People aren't amazed at our war crimes. People are amazed that other people can look at incontrovertable evidence of our war crimes and still not believe we do them. We deny that we are in denial, until we can't deny the evidence any longer. Some still do anyway, and it's this fact that amazes some people.

Right now we're denying that our religions exploit us for their personal comfort, that our economy wasn't gutted by thieves, and that our president wasn't bought by corporations. We also deny that we're in denail.

Susan of Texas said...

great--repetitive and misspelled!

NutellaonToast said...

Hey the corporations have bought everything, not just the pres!

Susan of Texas said...

And yet nobody is offering us 25 grand to read our opinions. What on earth could we be doing wrong?

I should start a blog called Corporate Shill. I'll take a thousand per post to support torture, two thousand to support the wars, and ten thousand to support the Church's pedophiles like Ross Douthat.

Anonymous said...

I get what you're saying that this video shouldn't surprise anyone (and it didn't really surprise me), but it's still a chilling thing to watch.

NutellaonToast said...

I agree.