Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Quick Shorter

old post to poke at, but we've gone lazy here anyways. There's only so much shit you can shovel, and Megan's mouth bears a striking resemblance to a horse's anus.

More On Structural Discrimination:

Michael Berube's response to my writing about the lack of conservatives in the cultural elite is, perhaps unsurprisingly, just a tad overwrought, and not very responsive. Frankly, I sort of wondered if he didn't outsource it to an undergraduate.

[whine, half truths asserted as fact, no supporting references]

But apparently Michael Berube finds the possibility of being nice to conservatives too horrifying to contemplate.
Who cares if she's utterly wrong and making up every fucking thing she has ever said in public to support her ideological house made of tinkertoys, manners, people, manners.
Look at how far her and Ezra are going mainly on kissing ass, doesn't Berube realize she's going to tell her friends to ignore him at lunch and he's gonna end up with the A/V geeks ahahahaha.

Back again in several months.


M. Bouffant said...

See you after the Series?

The most I hope for is for at least some liberal academics to be conscious of the fact that they might be prone to be nicer to people who agree with them, than people who don't.

What is this "be nice" stuff? Can she not work w/ concepts beyond kindergarten? (SATSQ.) Hiring people is not about "niceness," is it? Maybe in the world of ass-kissing & networking, but where people are expected to accomplish things beyond filling a screen w/ squiggles, not as much.

Clever Pseudonym said...

She who compared conservatives supposedly not being able to get cushy jobs in Hollywood to the denial of basic human and civil rights for African Americans is accusing someone else of being overwrought?

TheFritoPundito said...

Why are you hating on Ezra? I disagree w/some (OK a lot) of his viewpoints but at least he writes coherently, backs up his arguments with actual data and comes to reasonable, if debatable conclusions. Plus he usually catches typos.

NutellaonToast said...

Because he's an incorrigible careerist kiss-ass.