Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What He Said

OMG. Libertarians amuse, confound and anger me more than I can possibly explain. Here, I'll let this guy do it for me.

Money shot(On marital rape in days of yore):

To be blunt, this issue is almost entirely symbolic. While it’s a heinous crime, I seriously doubt that more than a small fraction American women in 1880 worried about being raped by their husbands.
How deluded to you have to be to put your foot down when you're caught idiotically claiming that the pre-civil rights area was a freer time?


Sprizouse said...

Not sure if you caught Michael Bérubé flaying Megatron over on Crooked Timber, but it's worth a look.

NutellaonToast said...

I just came over to post that. I'm gonna do it, still, but, yuou know, felt you should know here, too.

Sprizouse said...

Yeah yeah, thanks for the heads up.

jp said...

So this guy gets his "facts" from the same place Megan does: out of of his anus.

Yeah, in a time of no reliable birth control and when women frequently died in childbirth, no wife ever worried about being forced into sex. Because douchebag "seriously doubts it."

One of the events that radicalized Margaret Sanger was the story of a woman who had nearly died giving birth to, who knows, her 6th or 7th child. Sanger witnessed this desperately ill woman pleading with her doctor for help in preventing another pregnancy. And the doctor laughed and said, "Tell Jake to sleep on the roof."

The good old days, I tells ya.