Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Like The New MS Paint.

Apparently our boss is all mad cause we're not doing our jobs. Sorry about that. It's his fucking fault for giving us the internet. If he doesn't want us looking at cat pictures her shouldn't have done that.

Anyway, so Megan.

A number of my readers are claiming that the only reason Obama is running such a big deficit is that revenue has collapsed. I don't see that in the data:
Awesome. Yet again the first sentence of the first post in my first visit in months just smacks me in the face of stupid. NO ONE IS SAYING THAT. The number of readers saying that is zero. NONE.

But, hey, since we got this strawman around, let's go ahead and pour some gasoline on it:
Hrm, I guess she mistook water for gasoline. Thankfully, there's a lot of freelancers in the comments these days so I'll just hand it over to "zosima":
There's nothing to argue. Megan doesn't source her data, and it conflicts with the St. Louis Federal Reserve Data. To use a phrase of Megan's, her argument is "Garbage In Garbage Out"

To see what this plot looks like when not constructed with fictional data, follow this link:

She's making some sort of mistake, if she provided her sources/methods, we might be able to figure it out.

Here's another plot from FRED with the Federal Series.

p.p.s. Stimulus spending in 2009 was about $250 B and the 2009 budget was put together by Bush. So, at best, you can blame Obama for $250 B in 2009 and the change from 2009 to 2010. But wait there's more! Here's a post from the CBO which indicates that the deficit declined from 2009 to 2010: http://cboblog.cbo.gov/?p=1457

Another commentor replies that those aren't the right numbers either, so, ok, fine. Let's use Megan's. But first, let's look at Megan's foray into linear regression:I never realized how fucking hilarious trendlines can be. Here, let me give it a shot:Fucking ghosts.

There's a shit ton more stupid to go around, but what the fuck is the point. I'll just leave you with this amusing exchange:


Clever Pseudonym said...

Where does zosima get off questioning Megan. Doesn't this person know she comes from a family of academics who are actually intellectually intimidating, which makes her right all the time, even when she's wrong?

NutellaonToast said...

I love that she replies to a bunch of other petty sniping in the comments but ignores him, despite his being, like the second comment.

Clever Pseudonym said...

Or that her comments section seems to be overwhelmingly hostile or noting her mitakes. She must have some threshold for experiencing shame to endure being told how wrong she is so often.

Anonymous said...

Deficit spending in a recession always involves some form of collapsing revenue because of a slowdown in tax-producing activity in the economy. How does she miss this obvious point? Does she think the government takes in the same revenue when we have 10% unemployment as it does when there is 5% unemployment? That people and business just keep sending checks to the government the way her father does to her so she can pay her rent?


atat said...

That's one of the eternally fascinating things about her, Clever Pseudonym. She doesn't seem to absorb any of the criticism heaped upon her at all. It just doesn't phase her. Sure, she lashes out with her usual nonsense, but she doesn't seem to internalize any of it. She's unwavering in her wrongness. Any sane, thinking person would be forced to reflect and feel shame or embarrassment.

Clever Pseudonym said...

On some bloggingheads episode with Ann Althouse (yes, I'm still in therapy for the five minutes of that one I endured), Megan basically dismissed all criticism as coming from people with no life living in their mom's basement. Pointing out that she's constantly sloppy, wrong, and completely out of her league as a journalist makes you pathetic, not her. Of course, there are also the typical fallbacks - you misunderstood my point/have no sense of humor/don't have my spectacular academic breeding.....if she weren't such a spoiled, arrogant, clueless prick I'd actually feel sorry for her.

atat said...

"Megan basically dismissed all criticism as coming from people with no life living in their mom's basement.

Talk about projection. Did she write that from her mother-in-law's basement? She sneers at all the lowly bloggers, yet will defend her own nonsense by saying, "Such is blogging." And she apparently has absolutely no idea why this is so funny/infuriating to everyone.

Substance McGravitas said...

More MS Paint! Less McArdle!

NutellaonToast said...

Now this is a request behind which I can get!

Anonymous said...

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