Monday, April 13, 2009

Beautiful Words of the Week

Oh, it's so poetic:

But he's also been handed a really lousy hand.
Do you suppose she realizes how terrible her prose is? I don't. I think it heads straight over her head.



ChicagoEd said...

I think "dealt" was the word our bard was looking for. No doubt in too much of a hurry yesterday considering her vast and provocative output. And a 10:00 p.m. post? You really have to look closely at anything written by her after happy hour.

clever pseudonym said...

Of course she doesn't realize it. She's thoroughly convinced of her imagined gifts as a writer and "journalist."

Governor Paterson of New York, who stepped in to fill Spitzer's shoes...Megan, you are writing in a national magazine with a partial readership who do not follow New York politics because it has nothing to do with them. Please use full names the way a journalist is supposed to.

Susan of Texas said...

I remember a post in which she wrote her qualifications for being sucha great econoblogger. Her superb writing skills was one of them. Wish I could find it.

Mr. Wonderful said...

Plus, "stepped in to fill Spitzer's shoes" is the only example I've ever seen of a mixed metaphor that isn't mixed but still is!