Monday, April 6, 2009

Eine Kürzerer

Why don't we have more green products?:

Cuz it's cheaper for manufacturers to not change their industrial practices and instead put out literature for hacks like Megan to gleefully regurgitate?


Chad said...

I was dangerously close to agreeing with Megan on the point that "green" products tend to have fewer perks and in some cases be more expensive - speaking as someone who does continue to use such products - but then she reduces Kevin Drum's implication that industries usually need government intervention or incentives to get them to deal with environmental impacts to "Libtards just hate anything the private sector does!", naturally ignoring completely the little fact that phosphates have been proven to cause environmental damage, which (in case Megan is reading and needs a helpful reminder of how to write a basic counter-argument) is a rather important component of Drum's thesis.

I'm reminded of "The Simpsons" episode "Separate Vocations", when Lisa rebels by planning to steal all the teacher's guidebooks, which, she correctly predicts, makes them completely helpless. Maybe someone should try to steal Megan's copy of "1,001 Simple Right-Wing Talking Points."

bulbul said...

So Our Lady of teh Absent Editor has a problem with
- low flow toilets (Mine clogged like twice in the four years I've lived in this apartment and both times can be traced to chili. What the hell is she eating?)
- dryers (That's your problem right there - wanna go green, don't use a dryer. Clothes lines, baby!)
- flourescent bulbs (Ever heard of filters or lamp shades?)

The funniest bit is this:
the replacement good has really really sucked compared to the old, inefficient version ... a top-of-the-line model that costs ... several times what the basic models do.
Apparently it doesn't even occur to her that this is not a bug, but a feature and the result of a cunning marketing ploy.

bulbul said...

Oh and, um, it's "Ein Kürzerer". "Ein Kürzer" is merely "a short one".

brad said...

My german isn't very gut.

Anonymous said...

great, now i have to wonder what the fuck megan is doing in the toilet that causes it to clog with such regularity.

Marshall said...

That was my first thought. Maybe its Suderman.