Monday, April 6, 2009


Linking to your boyfriend's crap is the kind of thing that would get you in trouble at an organization that had actual editors and some concept of ethics. It's just obvious considering you could have embedded the video in your post, but instead chose to link. If you had the slightest respect for the imprint you've ruined you wouldn't be so blatantly self-interested, but there's no reason to expect any better from you, is there?


Susan of Texas said...

I have to admit that I'm puzzled here. McArdle has to be some kind of joke, right? You can't be this unprofessional, ignorant, ideological, untalented, and dishonest and still have a job, can you?

If this were fiction I'd say she's gone over the top and showed her hand. She's really a spy planted by the ghosts of the Transcendentalists to destroy Bradley, right?

Marshall said...

She's got pictures, that's the only way.

blivet said...

She is a joke, in a way. I think she's pretty much a professional troll. She just posts whatever comes into her head that will provoke people and get page views.

I'm sure she believes what she says, but I'm also sure she deliberately says it as offensively as possible.

It goes along with her laziness. Why do research, or even run a spell check program, when you can dash off a quick cheap shot? And if you contradict yourself that's a bonus!

After all, this is someone who chose her pseudonym solely because it would annoy other people.