Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Megan Goes Out on a Limb

Woah there cowboy:

The acting CFO of Freddie Mac has been found dead in his basement, an apparent suicide.


But there's no reason to blame either the regulators, or some dark scandal, as I imagine some commentators will try to. Kellerman wasn't tainted by the entity's earlier problems, and you don't commit suicide because you're mad at regulators. You commit suicide because you have deep mental health issues.
Look at our go girl, bravely telling her fans not to be complete assholes. Maybe she learned something from the Ledger affair? Stop laughing! That wasn't a joke!

I'm not sure what's worse, the fact that she alludes to some "dark scandal" in order to try and show that there are others equally as crazy as the loons on her side despite all evidence to the contrary, or the fact that she is now acknowledging how rabidly insane her fan base is and yet it does nothing to change her course.

If people as off the fucking wall as Megan's commenters started showing up here, I'd start a Fire brad, Nutella, and M. Bouffant blog. Heh, there I go again, futilely trying to contrast Megan with someone who has some smidgen of a conscience.

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