Monday, April 20, 2009

The Easy Ones are Easy

Ho hum:

Question of the Day: Bank Robbers!:
Reader Ben writes:

How has it been lost on people that Citi's new CFO (Ned Kelly) has the same name as an infamous Australian bankrobber?

I don't know, but what once was lost, now is found.
Yeah! How has an obscure piece of trivia from a continent on the other side of the planet been lost on us? We are such fools.

Like fools gold...

...and all that glitters is not gold.

Woah, .... so deep.... mind blown... again....

Oh yeah, and Robbers!11!1!1twelve!!!!!


Yuppers said...

I'm rendered speechless (fortunately, I can still type). Two things strike me: (1) that Megan somehow thought this was compelling enough information to publish under the banner of The Atlantic; and (2) that "Ben" (and I guess, by extension, Megan since she published it) seems to think that this factoid has some kind of meaningful significance; the phrase "lost on" usually connotes that the information missed is more than mere idle coincidence:

e.g., "the crucial importance of federal investment in infrastructure is lost on the teabaggers."

You don't generally say it about trivial things "the fact that Adrian Frost from Wigan holds the world record for pie-eating is lost on Jimmy."

clever pseudonym said...

It's not even really all that obscure. They made a movie starring Orlando Bloom and Heath Ledger about the guy a few years back, so I reckon a whole mess of lovelorn adolescent girls, among others, know exactly who the guy is. But Megan didn't know, so this piece of information was "lost" on the rest of us until one of her readers "found" it and she pointed it out.

NutellaonToast said...

And of course, now that she's disseminated the knowledge, it is "found" because whatever she knows, all know.

Ken Houghton said...

Uh, guys, I hate to point this out, but I would lay odds that "Reader Ben" was reacting to Herself's The Wife post.

How has it been lot on everyone that Citi's current CEO has a name that rhymes with Bandit? Or that the CEO of BofA has a name that rhymes with "screw us"?

(I'll leave Jamie Dimon to less discrete commenters, if there are any.)

Anonymous said...

Any idea why Megan brings religion into this post with the "once was lost/now am found" reference? I have no idea how the allusion works. Makes no sense to me. It must be gratuitous. Spiritually, Megan's just as warped as she is with everything else, i.e., libertarianism, free-market economics, etc. She's admittedly irreligious yet she gives things up for lent. I think the people she hangs with think religion is cool, so Megan lip sinks it every once in a while to prove her bona fides. Any other ideas?

NutellaonToast said...

Eh, that might just be a tradition thing. I'm not religious but this year I fasted for.. um, shit, Yom Kippur is the fasting one, right?

Anyway, some people do those kinds of things for other reasons. I'm not saying she isn't bullshitting, but since she doesn't make hay about it I'm guessing it's not very important to her. I mean, given how often she mentions her Mini Cooper, anything that she paid any real attention to (lip service or no) would may far more frequent appearances.

Dhalgren said...


Dhalgren said...

Keep in mind we don't know shit until Megan discovers it herself.