Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Quarter Wrap-Up

Rehoused, in a working-class neighborhood. Where AT&T does not yet provide DSL service, but will charge your ass twice as much for dial-up as for their "new customer" DSL offer. Therefore, don't expect squat from this direction for another wk. or so. (Minimum.) Cable DSL, here we come!

And what has Ms. McArdle come up w/ of late? Nothing that founding ed. brad has not thoroughly covered (w/ the exception of Unemployment Continues Its Upward March) and no one could blame brad for such an omission, as it's about the least pointed thing on which Megatron's ever wasted electrons. (Does she think she's CNBC now, updating her legions of day trader viewers?)

Essence: Jobs lost, market not like.

No crap, cretin?

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