Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Door Creaks Open. Bouffant Enters, Looks About, Speaks:

"Yo, where all my dawgs at?"

Ah, I suppose the rest of the staff is off to grandma's for the holidays, or something equally bourgeois. (I just bet Ms. McArdle will do the same next wk.) 

Therefore, I'll try the "shorter" thing.

For example

I, & every other hack typist in the United Snakes, have been going on about how greed, consumption & materialism are last wk.'s news, & now we'll all be cuddling by the fire w/ our families as we burn the last of the stock certificates.

Oh, you can just imagine. The free-market concept of a product or service being "worth" just what you can get for it, nothing more, nothing less, of course goes by the wayside when it's labor being valued. Then she's on about GM's accounting & how to calculate what a drain on the profits the workers are.

Key Phrases:
If I understand it correctly, and GM uses standard accounting principles,

So I'm not sure that argument is quite right.
Regrets, she's had a few...Now extending to voting for B. O.

And I'm certainly not going to explain it.

And from someone who bothered to comment:
I officially resign from reading this blog (but rarely commenting). Chalk it up to Megan's regular pronouncements about "If you're not a finance genius, then you have no business commenting about this crisis", only to then admit she doesn't fully understand the same problems, or has been proven stunningly incorrect on so many occasions in the past month. I'll also chalk it up to the progressive dumbing down of comments here. That's what is for people.
Ooooh. We can't top that. So we won't try.


Anonymous said...

Jeebus, just when I thought Megan couldn't get any more hypocritically sanctimonious, whe writes a post like that "magical time of year" crap. That's some massively hyperbolic stupidity there.

Susan of Texas said...

Who would have thought that the libertarian philosophy of "Screw you, I got mine." could apply to Christmas?

Megan teaches us so much about economics.

Anonymous said...

In case you missed it, tbogg is a Natinal Treasure. But you prob'ly didn't miss it.

Susan of Texas said...

Crap, now the post I was working on is totally unnecessary.

Oh, well. There can't be too much Megan bashing.