Monday, November 3, 2008

Place holder post

Holy fuck was Megan stupid. She said

some crap about how poor people probably deserve to be poor
This is an outrage against the once proud legacy of the Atlantic the likes of which we haven't seen in at least 10 days.

C'mon, the election is tomorrow. Eff Megan in an entirely metaphorical way.

Ok, there is this:
In case you haven't noticed, The Atlantic has a special feature on the home page: our crack reporting staff is twittering the election. The entire feed, including me, Josh Green, Marc Ambinder, and soon James Fallows and Ta-Nehisi, as well as some names you may not be as familiar with, will be Twittering for the next three days, so check early and often.
Twitter has many valid and interesting uses. This is not one of them.
Anyways, see you Wed.
Just for the record, my prediction is an Obama win, ev total over/under of 300, just barely taking the over. (I see 301-311 as most likely. Or 291.)


Susan of Texas said...

Yeah, sometimes I think I could be replaced by a Megan McArdle Madlibs, Extra Stupid Edition.

Adam Eli Clem said...

(sharpening knives, ho ho ho, taking my time, hee hee hee)

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