Monday, November 3, 2008

What Megan Says

She says it's in the bag for Sen. Obama.

Seeing that typed by Megatron herself makes me nervous. Her track record, as a voter or prognosticator, is not very reassuring. The Senator's grandmother dies, & she sympathizes, then:

At least his victory is secure enough that he doesn't need to have divided attention at a horrible moment.
Doesn't need to divide his attention, either, what w/ victory being secure & all.

Comments not as vicious as at some RW sites, but there's always one, isn't there?

A Shorter (concept by a couple dudes I forget right now):
Whither conservatism?
Ross ponders the future of conservatism and comes away depressed:
I think the deeper reason for my political gloom has to do with something that Jonah Goldberg raised in our bloggingheads chat about conservatism -
That Goldberg is a prime example of a conservative says whither conservatism is headed.

Then: Anecdotally, the cops are under orders to collect more revenue. So here's what happens in a recession. Choices must be made. Etc.

I'm starting to think that Megan should have become Goldberg's liberal fascist school-teacher from Barnard or whatever bullshit it was he made up, because it's getting like eighth-grade civics in here, when I realized she must've been ticketed lately. Oh, the troubles white people in the big city go through. What a complicated world where one must know to get the eff out of the way of a freaking ambulance/fire-truck, whatever.
And while it is politically easier to step up enforcement of rules no one has ever heard of than to have an onerous debate about the budget, it is corrosive to civil society to make people feel that they can be randomly and unfairly hit up for extra cash. The nature of modern American law is such that no one can know, or obey it, fully; things like stop sign waits and emergency vehicle passage vary from state to state, and time to time, so that no one ever knows exactly what the law is. Cracking down on trivial violations invades the safety zone that allows us to rub along without too much disrespect for the law.
Elements of Style: Read that last sentence.


Anonymous said...

"...that he doesn't need to have divided attention ..."

No disrespect at all for this man and his loss, but that is one of the stupidest of stupids Megan has ever produced. Right. Lucky for Obama, he can concentrate solely on the loss of his grandmother and not even worry about whether he's about to be elected to the office of President of the United States because the polls say it's in the bag. Dewey Defeats Truman and all of that. I'm sure he's not concerned in the slightest.

I almost started in on that "Money on the side" post, but reading it a second time gave me a headache. This woman cannot write or produce an interesting thought at all.

Anonymous said...

It's easy, and perhaps even tempting, to predict the complete demise of the Republican Party, but the same thing said was said of Democrats just four years ago.

That being said... I do wonder if, without 9/11, the GOP would have managed to hold Congress in '02 or if Dubya would have been re-elected in '04. I don't think either would have happened, but we'll never know.

Until the GOP fails to win a majority in Congress and fails to win the Executive Office for say, another 10-12 years, only THEN will I believe the party as it stands has completely (and thankfully) crashed and burned.

Dhalgren said...

Know what? Fuck Megan. She needs to be unemployed for a while. In this economy. In these times. She needs to suffer a little bit.