Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday stupid

maybe Megan should work for Hallmark. Same bad writing and poorly developed sense of humor, same underlying idea that a few nice words not really meant show one is a good person at heart, as opposed to the effort of actually being a good person.

Annual holiday gift guide: Kitchen Edition.

3337 words. 6 single spaced pages. This post represents the culmination of a huge amount of work by Megan, and it's all about which 1000 pieces of plastic and metal crap she told her parents to buy her for Xmas this year. This is what she actually works on researching, folks. The only interweb search engine she knows how to use is Amazon's.
And this is just the kitchen crap, the electronics post is still to come. I was an only child of rich parents spoiled brat of an asshole growing up, and even at my most overindulged selfish moment I would have asked if this woman needed all this. How do you even bring yourself to devote the time to learning that all of these things exist? This post is a monument to all that is wrong with Megan.
I'm sure the post itself is a goldmine of stupidity, but I'm not going to read all that, sorry. FFS, she starts off with her own words italicized, so that Santa doesn't confuse her introduction with her actual Xmas list. I guess blockquoting several thousand of her own words didn't look right.

Let us now give thanks...:

Thanksgiving is a time when white people can be extra white. Yay.

Public service announcement:

I know a lot of you are probably suffering from the financial crisis, and others from the general tendency of life to hand you a lot of lemons and no sugar to make lemonade with.
Go fuck yourself. The economy is losing tens if not hundreds of thousands of jobs a month, you're blithely writing about how the auto companies should be allowed to fail and put millions more out of work and lying about the compensation received by those workers, and in a post bragging about moving into a more expensive home this is the crust of bread you leave behind for the maid? The one you didn't give a bonus to so you could afford both your new deposit and a $200 knife for cutting onions.*

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly:
Libertarians frequently underweight the long evolution of institutional arrangements that allow us to function without government intervention. And non-local pollution simply hasn't been around long enough for those institutions to evolve. There is no such thing as a free market approach to air quality or water rights.
That doesn't mean we can't have freer market approaches, or that the lessons of markets aren't valuable. But strict property rights simply don't function in those commons.
Don't worry, she doesn't mean the second part, she's just trying to get Yglesias to go back to linking to her. It's not like she was a dirty hippie who was actually right about Iraq for the right reasons, after all.

*- The maker's name is Ken Onion, it's not specifically for cutting onions, my bad. It is $200, tho, on sale from $250.


bulbul said...

Research? Hardly. The way I see it, she just looked around and wrote a list of all the crap she owns. Which brings me to my next comment: holy flying fuck, does she own a lot of crap! That's at least $2000 in kitchen utensils alone, righ there. And what does she do with them? This and tomato sauce with tomato puree. Didn't she say something about making owning kitchen equipment illegal for people who don't like to cook? How about people who can't cook?
All of that being said, this is probably the first moderately informative post of hers. Crap, three weeks to go and I'm so out of ideas, even Megan's sound acceptable...

Anonymous said...

This is why her gift list is so fucking long:

"[...]I bought this with last year's Christmas amazon referral commission[...]"

Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile, I am remembering why it's called Black Friday--not because of some retailers' books, but because of what happens to my digestion."

What in the hell is that supposed to mean? She shits black?