Monday, November 17, 2008


I know, I've reused that title countless times. Hehe.

Monday morning eye-opener: of finance, poetry, and the unseen:

Conor Freihoffer wonders why conservative libertarian strawmen aren't taken as seriously as actual humans when considering policy impact, and Freddie reminds us that all we need are actual humans like Joe the Plumber (who is neither named Joe nor a plumber) to 'embody' our lies for us. Also, Reagan didn't make up his welfare queen, you're wrong to remember anything in the past which disproves Conor's theory.
And now, bad poetry.

Quote of the day:

Pornographers find my rationalizations useful.

Amateur hour:

Believe it or not, some average people now film themselves having sex and sell it on the interwebs. Crazy, huh? I wonder if it will take off.

The fight for the pooling equilibrium:

I really hate the fact that teachers are granted job security in exchange for low pay and a very difficult job. I'm not going to reproduce so what good will they ever do me? I didn't go to public school.

Finally, someone has a kind thought for the journalists:

Qualified journalists are losing their jobs across the country, and The Atlantic is still paying me to produce this crap. What, me worry?

I still can't believe she linked to Dan Riehl.

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Anonymous said...

I find it sublime that the comments to the Playboy post has people debating over whether or not Megan should have labeled the post as NSFW.

And is Megan now too lazy to research the state of pornography on the Internet?!