Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Burr Beneath Her Mini-Cooper Upholstery

Absolutely w/ NutellaonToast on this. Bored, & unable to deal w/ econo-blogging. Saw this mess on memeorandum, & was depressed by the mere idea of dealing w/ it. (brad?)

However, working from the comments to NoT's item immediately below, & some other assumptions, I can only conclude that Ms. McArdle prefers researching the intimate details of someone's life, Michelle Malkin-style, to statistical research on econo-facts. (Especially when you can make the facts make the victim look like a perp.)

Correct me if I'm wrong, or assuming something not in evidence.

Also referring to the comments below (Being a contributing ed. has its privileges: Imagine the indignity of being forced to reply in the comments!) I thank Dillon for clearly stating my, at least, attitude:

Similarly, FMM's mission is to cause Megan to be fired with extreme prejudice, or failing that, to marginally irritate her to the point where she does some research.
Hey, what's important is that it piss off the liberalslibertarians, right?


clever pseudonym said...

Isn't it funny that the first time Megan decides to do some research in her writing career is to dig up the sordid, personal financial details of professional colleague? Shitting where you eat and all that, Megan. You got where you are by kissing ass. Don't forget that.

And M. - that has to be one of the greatest blog titles I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...


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