Monday, May 11, 2009

Debt Service

Again, I don't know jack about economics (Unlike economists, I'm both willing to admit that it's a  bogus "science," & that you can't calculate human cupidity & ignorance. If it were real, & worked, we wouldn't be having these problems, would we?) but I've a vague memory of certain (political) elements saying recently that "deficits don't matter."

When a non-Republican takes the presidential oath, however, reality does a 180° turn & all the "spend 'off-budget' money on war forever" fans start whining about deficits, their grand-children's debt, & teabags.

So we're proud of Mlle. McA. for typing that

Congress and the administration can act as if the deficits don't matter--right now, they don't. It's practically free money.
Megan may be going a little far w/ this "free money" thing, but as always, she qualified it ("practically"). Maybe she can explain all this stuff the next time (if there is one) the tea-partiers assemble to whine about things.

Imagine Megatron lecturing the angry white people about what a collection of ninnies they are. And the rain of teabags aimed at her. And maybe some good ol' patriots w/ 2x4s.

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Anonymous said...

Does she get paid for these embarrassing blog posts? If so, then that's "free money".