Thursday, May 28, 2009

When the Tide Goes Out, The Ocean Sweeps Itself Back, I Guess.

No words, just stupid.

Read for yourself. She's actually playing neutral on the "republican car dealership closures" scandal.

Yes, Megan, it does look bad indeed. It looks very bad when you're a total moron who doesn't understand simple statistics even when Nate Silver explains them in kindergarten style.

Oh, and read the comments if you really want to die. You will either explode or collapse from despair at the stupidity of the world.


Susan of Texas said...

Her blog is where stupid goes to die.

NutellaonToast said...

I think her blog is where stupid goes to retire and wait a long drawn out death amongst its old, stupid compatriots that refuse to pass with dignity.

Dhalgren said...

I thought she was on vacation? But not on vacation enough to concern troll that Obama is running a Chicago-style corruption ring from the oval office.

Chad said...

Haha, from what I've read, even Glenn Beck dismissed it as a crazy conspiracy theory!

My expectations for Megan have always been low, but I never thought I'd see Glenn Beck of all people showing more logic and common sense than Megan. She really is like the "Manos: Hands of Fate" of politico-bloggers.

Parmenides said...

But you have to understand Nate wasn't nice and polite about the idiocy and therefore isn't correct. You have to be polite to be taken seriously otherwise she'll just have to take a two by four to your head.

Anonymous said...

She has also apparently done another edition of InstaVision with Ole Perfesser. I don't have the stomach for that myself. Don't go Galt on us guys, give us some dirt!

Mr. Wonderful said...

"Her blog is where stupid goes to die."

No, damn it! It's where stupid goes to live! To live free and proud! To live as it's never lived before!

Anonymous said...

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