Monday, May 11, 2009

Pinch Megan

she must be dreaming.

for one class of citizen, housing costs are undeniably going up: the city is starting to charge the working homeless rent to stay in the shelters. Now, if you're on the bum but trying to save up a little something to better your life, you can forget about it -- you will be told, as one shelter resident who somehow found work as a cashier was told, to fork over $336 of the $800 a month you make to the authorities.
Now if the city could only begin a program to make beggars repay their 'victims', we'd have real social justice. I want my quarters back, with interest.


clever pseudonym said...

"somehow found work as a cashier..."

OMG, do you mean that like some homeless people have brains and can get jobs and stuff? I'm more shocked that Megan's found work as a journalist.

Chad said...

Megan really must comment on this story. It's her best shot at usurping the title of Biggest Libertarian Asshole* Working For A Major Media Outlet from John Stossel.

*Maybe that's a bit redundant...

M. Bouffant said...

Clever p, as a former homeless weasel myself, I took umbrage at that too, & fired off a comment to that bigoted Edroso character.

I hear the White House needs someone empathetic for something, maybe you should give them a call.

Dhalgren said...

She does she continue to write about the City she abandoned?